About Me

So, you're a professional?

Yup! I graduated from RPI with a dual major in Information Technology and Economics. Combining these disciplines, I headed to Wall St. to launch the Portfolio Analytics product for CapitalIQ, a division of Standard and Poor's. After nearly four years, I left to pursue my own venture in Berkeley, CA and bootstrapped an online homemade food marketplace called OvenAlly. After closing the doors, I returned to help launch the commercial and marketing websites for Relationship Science (RelSci). After three years, I moved on to pursue an MBA at Babson College, the #1 Entrepreneurship program.

More About Me

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But you're cool too?

Oh yeah. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, wine, Django and Python programming, writing, wellness, soccer, and lifelong learning. I am a devoted husband to Brittany, an environmental attorney. In 2013, I survived and recovered from a brain aneurysm rupture which profoundly soldified my appreciation for solving big problems and striving to find joy in the most uncommon places.

Past Projects

Professional and personal works.


Gravyty makes fundraisers more effective by transforming big donor data into prioritized and actionable steps.



Relationship Science - RelSci - helps organizations of all sizes capture and leverage their relationship networks with the influential decision makers that matter to their success.


Evergreen Leaf

Teaching businesses and their employees about being green.



WeSyrge ("we" "surge") helps you make small changes throughout the day to jumpstart a healthier you.



OvenAlly was a marketplace for homemade food that allowed buyers and sellers to interact across the country. Unfortunately, we have shut our doors in pursuit of new opportunities.



A global financial information platform with 1500+ clients. Chiefly responsible for portfolio analytics, index management, and quantitative solutions.


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